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The YFM90R may be small in size, but it’s equipped with several features found on larger Yamaha models – including double A-arm independent front suspension, a rear disc brake, CVT transmission and electric start.

The YFM90 balances power with a range of features to give you total peace of mind. A simple CDI plug-in adjusts engine power output to suit different riding abilities while a parking brake on the handlebar ensures that the YFM90 stays exactly where you left it. The fully automated gearbox allows junior to concentrate on the track to build confidence.

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Performance meets pure sport styling for 6-year-old and up riders ready to begin their lifelong off-road adventure. With Yamaha’s legendary reliability and dealer network backup, the YFZ50 is a great way for six to nine year olds to learn the basics. As says, the littlest ATV in the range is not just a sleeved down 90:

“What we like most about the YFZ50 is that it’s not just a Raptor 90 with a smaller engine. We saw the two Youth ATVs side-by-side and the size difference is striking. This machine really is intended for smaller riders and it sized so they can have more control over it. It seems like an ideal way to get kids started riding.”

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